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Signs Off Grid

Lower Cost Off Grid Solar Signs

Low impact construction

Signs Off Grid

Solar 9,000 watts
Video LED daytime bright
Battery Lithium 4,800 watt-hours
Construction High grade galvanized structural steel, 6m x 2m (no cranes, scaffolding or earth works required)
Connectivity 4G – WiFi enabled
Security Infrared cameras (cloud storage)


Other Off Grid Products

Power Tower

2 meters wide and 6 meters tall.

Generates up to 12 kWh per day.
Can provide continuous 500 watts with battery storage.

No grid connection required. Built without cranes, scaffolding or ground works.

6 Modules

4 meters wide 6 meters tall.

Generates up to 26 kWh per day.

Can provide 1,000 watts continuously with battery.

No grid conenction required. Built without cranes, scaffolding or ground works.

Custom Configuration

Iron Matrix modules can be custom configured to almost any size or shape.

Add LED screens or back lit static signs to get noticed.

We can do EV Garages and all manner of combined energy-shelter buildings.


Future Energy Solutions by
Iron Matrix

Clean Energy Structures

Iron Matrix was designed to create buildings that can be covered in standard solar panels. 

Built Anywhere by Anyone

No earth works. No heavy equipment. No scaffolding. 

Flat packed, hand built with adjustable height foundations.

Cheaper Clean Energy

Iron Matrix structures can produce enough electricity to pay for themselves.

Australian Standards Steel Structures (AS 4100, AS 1163)

Our Mission

To generate and store energy cheaper than fossil fuels.

Why We Do It

We believe that access to lower cost energy can solve many of the issues on our planet.

How We Do it

By maximizing access to energy while minimizing its use.

Robot Manufactured

We’ve developed robot welders to minimize the cost and time to manufacture structural steel components, anywhere in the wold.

Flat Pack Transport

All Iron Matrix parts flat pack for the lowest cost transportation to site.

Optimized Construction

Iron Matrix can be built without cranes, scaffolding or earth works by as few as two people on almost any topography and soil conditions.


Please get in touch for pricing or any questions you might have.

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TEchnical Details

Read more about the technical details of Signs Off Grid

Power Tower

Power Tower

The Iron Matrix Power Tower is a 6 meter tall 2 meter wide structure entirely covered in solar panels. 9.4 kilowatts of solar panels generate an average of 12 kWh (units of energy) per day. That's enough electricity to run a electric vehicle 150 kilometer each and...

Why LED Screens?

Why LED Screens?

Getting your signs and media noticed comes down to one thing - projected verses reflected light. Static signs reflect sunlight or artificial light off their surface and into your eye. This is the same process for almost everything in your sight. A tree, a car, a dog...

What About Batteries

What About Batteries

Only in recent months has battery technology become good enough and cost competitive enough to compete with traditional energy production. The long standing criticism of renewable energy generation is that they only produce when the sun is shining or the wind is...