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Only in recent months has battery technology become good enough and cost competitive enough to compete with traditional energy production.

The long standing criticism of renewable energy generation is that they only produce when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. To be truly competitive with coal and gas fired power generation, renewable technologies must be able to deliver energy where a customer wants it, when a customer wants it. And that requires storage.

Batteries are the lowest cost and most easily deployed form of electricity storage but there are many variables that affect value over its life.

Upfront cost is one factor but so is capacity (Amp hours, Ah), depth of discharge (DoD) and cycle life (measure in discharge cycles until performance is 80% of new).

At Signs Off Grid, we’ve analysed all the the battery alternatives to provide you with the lowest cost per unit of delivered energy ($/kWh).

With the most recent advances in technology and production efficiencies, we’re now able to provide products that generate and store energy cheaper than the electricity company sells it.